Routes towards the West: THE CHANNEL OF THE ARDENNES

This long channel of 106 km and 46 locks until Berry with the Vat, connects the côteaux Champagne one to the Meuse. This avigation far from the cities and circulation takes you along through the countryside, towards the passage of the scale of the 26 automatic locks in the very bucolic valley of Montgon.

1 week aller - retour :

120 km - 80 locks

Pont à Bar, Le Chesne, Attigny, Rethel, Asfeld then return towards Pont à Bar.

Week-end de 2 days aller - retour :

80 km - 10 locks

Pont à Bar, La Cassine , Le Chesne then return towards Pont à Bar

Mini - week aller - retour :

90 km - 66 locks

Pont à Bar, Le Chesne, Attigny then return towards Pont à Bar.


If you prefer to leave the sinuous course of the Meuse to borrow the channel of the Ardennes your first go will be for the nautical halt of Chesne and the Lake Bairon (veil - bathe). Then Attigny and its area where lived Rimbaud, Rethel and its white roll,

Asfeld and its remarkable church baroque will be your stages to the doors of Rheims. There, you will not fail to visit the splendid cathedral where were crowned the kings of France of Clovis with Charles X as well as the Saint-Remy basilica and the champagne houses. Many museums and excellent restaurants. If there remains to you a little time, lets you slip until Epernay capital of champagne and lets you try by the visit of the cellars.

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